We believe that HPSO is a launching pad that sparks revitalization and economic growth in the Augusta community.  When those in need discover that hope resides on Gordon Highway, the destiny of many men and women will drastically change.  When you partner with HPSO you are declaring, “I believe that positive change is coming to Augusta, Georgia, and citizens will see the effects of love!”

Through your partnership, we are able to keep our shelves and racks stocked with free food and clothing for those in need.  You are helping us change the way people see themselves and their future as you help us dress people for success.   You are also empowering us with the infrastructure necessary to offer on-site job training. Together, we will restore dignity and hope to countless Augusta homes. 

Investing in people is the best investment. When we better each other, we better our community. 


We have some of the greatest volunteers in the state of Georgia serving at HPSO.  Our team members truly bring our mission and vision to life by making a difference at the personal level in the Augusta community!  HPSO volunteers span multiple arenas throughout our operation. As a team member, you have the opportunity to serve in a wide range of roles which may include reception attendant, shopping assistant, donation processing, grocery packaging, merchandising, building maintenance, and more.

We ask that team members serve at least 1 time per month. Please keep in mind our busiest operational day is Saturday morning.  If you have any interest in joining this amazing team, we’d love to hear from you. When you are contacted, you will receive an application to serve and information on our next training day.  You are going to love the impact you make!


When you give, you make a difference! If you have ever sold clothing to businesses like Uptown Cheapskate or Kid2Kid, you are well aware that placing the best clothing in a store is an intentional process.  At HPSO, we greatly value our customers and want them to walk away with the best FREE clothing available in Augusta.  For this reason, we ask that when you prepare your donation that you only include items that are in great condition, are in style, and in season.

When you arrive to make a clothing donation, please park your car under our side entrance awning for assistance. A team member will help carry your donation inside and quickly review what’s donated. When they finish, you will receive back any clothing that cannot be received by the HPSO store along with a donation receipt.  HPSO is thankful for each donation and believes something as small as clothes makes a big difference during a time of need. 

You can drop off clothing Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 11am to 1pm and on the first and third Saturday of the month from 9am to 10am.